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SportsJAM Network is a family of podcasts dedicated to giving you some of the best insights into sports. And it won't come from the typical source - it will come from the fans, and that can include you! We offer new programming daily including up to three-hours of live programming.

SportsJAM Network podcasts, available on iTunes, blogtalkradio, shoutcast and a number of other sources (see RADIO) will include daily commentary from SportsJAM Network programs such as: Fantasy JAM, The Four Corners, What Are The Odds and Sports Infusion.

SportsJAM Network will also provide a mix of voices like fantasy sports specialist Andrew Fain, Coach Mike Fabber, Jeff Snedden as well as fan opinion from our website (each program has it's own chat box) and live calls.

In case you don't know, podcasting is on-the-go, on-demand technology. With podcasting, you can listen to radio programs or events whenever and wherever you choose. Podcasts are MP3 audio files (legal ones) that are downloaded to your personal computer / phone / iDevice, and then transferred to an iPod or other MP3 player using a podcasting application.

The basic requirements for podcasting are a computer (PC or Mac), podcasting software (see RADIO on the left) and an Internet connection. For portability, an iPod, iPhone, iPad, iPud (coming soon), an Android device or other MP3 player (Creative Zen, Zune) is needed.

And if you have any questions, just email us by clicking on the CONTACT US button below.